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  • Translation of personal and corporate
  • Certified translations.
  • Technical translations.
  • Translations for the healthcare and pharmaceutical
  • Interpreting services.


NB Translates is a one-stop shop where clients can find a customized solution to their linguistic needs – be it translation, interpretation, proofreading and editing, audio and video transcriptions, or even certified translations – with a personal touch and the assurance that only qualified professional translators will handle their translations.


In 2017 alone, we completed more than 1500 translation assignments, and since 2014, we have professionally translated more than 3 million words.

Cups of coffee

More than 1440 cups of coffee were our perfect ally in the many days and nights of hard work throughout last year.

Training courses

The NB Translates team has completed more than 350 hours of training and courses in 2017.


To be a professional translation agency, known for its reliability, dedication, great customer service, personal treatment and expertise. To help people overcome language barriers, access new content, and develop their brand/company in the global market.


We do our work to provide the best service with a huge passion for excellence and quality. NB Translates’ core values are: integrity, quality, respect, trust, cooperation and flexibility.

Clients around the world

These are some of the companies that have trusted NB Translates.

"Nadia es una excelente profesional, dedicada y detallista, siempre atenta a seguir mejorando y capacitándose. La he visto trabajar bajo presión y cumplir plazos ajustados sin que su trabajo pierda calidad. No dudo en recomendar a Nadia para cualquier trabajo de traducción e interpretación."

Claudia Llopiz
Sworn Translator and Conference Interpreter

THIS IS WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU Let me solve your translation or interpretation needs with
professionalism and warmth – more than 10 years of
professional experience in this industry and ongoing
training vouch for me.

Translation of personal documents

Birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates, letters and emails, transcripts, diplomas, criminal records, among others.

Translation of corporate documents

Contracts, by-laws, minutes, affidavits, tax returns, insurance documents, service agreements, successions, bids.

Certified and sworn translations

Documents required by national and international organizations to apply for visas and residence permits, undergraduate and graduate programs and scholarships.

Healthcare and pharmaceutical translations

Abstracts, lab tests, research protocols, investigator’s brochures, informed consents, patient information leaflets, medical records, evidences of coverage and benefits.

Technical translations

Technical handbooks and booklets. Experience in the oil and gas industry.

Interpreting services

Interpretation at formal and informal meetings, courses, seminars and conferences. Modes: simultaneous, consecutive and liaison.


Text proofreading and review. Format editing. Audio and video transcription.

Translation process

HELLO, I AM NADIA! I am the coordinator of NB Translates.


My name is Nadia Bondarczuk. I have a degree in English-Spanish Conference Interpretation and a degree in English-Spanish Sworn Translations (Universidad del Salvador, Argentina). But above all things, I am passionate for efficient communications, overcoming language barriers and improving personal and work relations. That is why I decided to improve my simultaneous and consecutive interpreting skills in the prestigious McDonough Interpretation School.

I am a wife, mom, amateur cook, and a big fan of watching movies and series with my family. I am also a member of the Buenos Aires Association of Sworn Translators (CTPCBA) and a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) certified in translations from English into Spanish.

I worked for 4 years as in-house translator for an Argentinian-based translation agency, until my drive for self-improvement and passion made me pursue a freelance career.

Now this dream has become a reality and I feel happy and content to do what I have always wanted. The secret is to always do it with the precise combination of warmth and professionalism. This has always been my goal and it is also what sets me apart.


Look at some of the last assignments I have worked on.
  • img01

    G. Henry press
    conference - UAR
    Consecutive interpretation
  • img02

    Mining 2012
    Simultaneous interpretation
  • img03

    Consecutive interpretation
    for Casanova Translations
  • img04

    Simultaneous interpretation
    for McDonough SRL
  • img05

    Simultaneous interpretation
  • img06

    Consecutive interpretation
  • img07

    Argentina Business and Investment Forum
    Simultaneous interpretation
    for CF Language Services
  • img08

    Civil Marriage Ceremonies
    Official interpreter
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